Angry Birds Hidden Game Golden Egg

Angry Birds Hidden Game Egg

Because the bird’s eggs were stolen by the pigs, the birds turned to take revenge on all the pigs. The cunning pigs were afraid of losing the eggs, so they hid some of the golden eggs. The little birds wanted to hide those golden eggs. We find them all, and we have to catch all the nasty pigs who guard the golden eggs:
1. All the first level of three stars: to choose, in turn, press a group of pigs, a group of birds, a slingshot, any bird, any material, and any pig gets a golden egg.
2. All the second major levels are all three stars: Take the method, press the second and third keys at the same time.
3. The list of developers can be seen patiently in Credit on the start screen.
4. 5-19 Rocket off the triangle stone on the right half of the first spire of the rocket is exploded with an egg-laying bird to get a golden egg.
5. Press the question mark in the game, and then turn page by page to find a golden egg.
6. 2-2 Guanbing There is a big colored ball in the pool, and a golden egg will be exploded.
7. Level 4-7, zoom out the map and see the panorama, there is a golden egg in the upper right corner, you need to use the yellow bird acceleration function to hit it.
8. 1-8 levels, press the middle treasure box twice.
9. In the selection screen, the sun hides a golden egg.
10. After level 6-14, there is a golden egg when the balloon breaks in the lower right corner.
11. On the right side of the 8th mark, pull the screen to the left to find the golden egg.
12. All third levels are all three stars: the method is 1, bottom left 1, bottom left 2, top left 2, bottom left 1, and bottom right 1.
13. At level 8-15, break the bottom left corner to get the golden egg.
14. In level 9-14, let the blasting bird explode on the hat on the rightmost cliff, and you will get golden eggs.
15. At level 10-3, break the rubber duck to find the golden egg.
16. At levels 11-15, zoom out the screen, the lower left corner _ the golden egg, the swing bird hits it in reverse.
17. All the fourth level is three stars.

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