American Truck Simulator game cheats

American Truck Simulator game cheats

American Truck Simulator game cheats

Activate developer mode:

Go to My Documents/American Truck Simulator/ and find the config.cfg file, open it with WordPad, and find

Find uset g_console 0 and uset g_developer 0 and change the following 0 to 1:

uset g_console 1
uset g_developer 1

American Truck Simulator game cheats1

Re-enter the game after saving (please make a backup before modifying).

Free view mode:
After activating the developer mode, press the number 0 in the game to activate the free view mode, and then press the following keys (mouse control is also available) to move freely:

Button ⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Function
[Keypad 8]⇒Front
[Keypad 4]⇒Left
[Keypad 5]⇒Back
[Keypad 6]⇒right
[Keypad 9]⇒Up
[Keyboard 3]⇒Next
[F9]⇒Transport the truck to the target location
Game cheats:
After activating the development mode, press ~ in the game to enter the following cheat code, and press Enter to confirm the corresponding effect:

g_police 0⇒Turn off the police (you will not receive traffic police tickets, etc.)
g_police 1⇒Turn on the police
g_flyspeed #⇒Set free view speed (#default is 100)
If it is adjusted to 1000, the speed is 10 times
goto id/city name⇒Send to the city in the game (such as goto berlin)
g_set_time hour ⇒ set game time (e.g. g_set_time 15)
g_minicon 1
g_fps 1⇒display FPS
g_minicon 0
g_fps 0⇒Turn off FPS display
game⇒Reload the entire game
editmap⇒Start the game map editor
quit⇒Exit the game directly (similar to [Alt] + [F4])
r_wireframe 1⇒Activate wireframe (for MOD developers only)
r_wireframe 0⇒Cancel wireframe


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