American McGee’s Alice game cheats

American McGees Alice game cheats

American McGee’s Alice game cheats:

Press ~ in the game to open the console and enter the corresponding code

Cheats Effect
Wuss All weapons
fps <0 or 1> frame
sv_gravity # Change the gravity value: the default is 800 (jump higher)
cg_cameradist-45 First-person perspective
give all Get all weapons
god Invincible mode
give Unlimited weapons and ammunition
Notarget Stealth mode
noclip Through the wall mode
health Full of life
give item name Obtain corresponding items
map map name Select map

Item code:

Cheats Effect
give_blunderbuss.tik pistol
give_cards.tik card
give_demondice.tik Devil dice
give_eyestaff.tik Eyestaff
give_icewand.tik Ice wand
give_jackbomb.tik Jack bomb
give_jacks.tik Jacks
give_knife.tik dagger
give_mallet.tik hammer
give_ragebox.tik Fury Box
give_watch.tik table

Map code:

Cheats Effect
map centipede1 Centipede (1)
map centipede2 Centipede (2)
map rchess Chess
map facade Facade
map fortress1 Fortress (1)
map fortress2 Fortress (2)
map funhouse Funhouse
map garden1 Garden (1)
map garden2 Garden (2)
map garden3 Garden (3)
map garden4 Garden (4)
map grounds1 Grounds (1)
map grounds2 Grounds (2)
map hedge1 Hedge (1)
map hedge2 Hedge (2)
map hedge3 Hedge (3)
map keep Keep
map jlair1 Lair (1)
map jlair2 Lair (2)
map pandemonium Pandemonium
map potears1 Potears (1)
map potears2 Potears (2)
map potears3 Potears (3)
map qlair Q Lair
map skool1 Skool (1)
map skool2 Skool (2)
map tower1 Tower (1)
map tower2 Tower (2)
map tower3 Tower (3)
map utemple U Temple
map gvillage Village
map wchess1 W Chess (1)
map wchess2 W Chess (2)
map wforest W Forest

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