Alpha Prime game cheats

Alpha Prime game cheats

Alpha Prime game cheats

In the game, press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [F3] to open the console and enter the following cheats (note the case):

Cheats Effect
CheatImmortality 1 Invincible mode
CheatImmortality 0 Exit invincible mode
CheatWeapons 1 All weapons
CheatAmmo 1 Full ammo
CheatHealth 1 Full of life
CheatNextLevel 1 Skip to the next level
CheatHubbardium 1 hubbardium is full
PlayerMaxOxygen # Set the maximum amount of oxygen you can store (default 100)
NoOxygenHurtTime # # Is a number, the same below
NoOxygenHealthDown # Set the interval of life loss when there is no oxygen [default 0.1].
rasputin Set anaerobic blood loss [default 30].
AlphaPrimeVersion Undead mode
fodder Show game version
quack All weapons and ammunition are full
showai Maximum life
help Show AI

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