Alone in the Dark game cheats

Alone in the Dark game cheats

Alone in the Dark game cheats

Air dance

In the game, as long as the protagonist drops an item on the edge of the cliff facing the volley, he can step on the item and go to some inaccessible places. But when you step on it, don’t pick up the objects again.

Multiple parameter modification

Enter the game, get the rifle from the treasure chest, get the oil lamp on the table, then save and exit, modify SAVE?.ITD (here? is the file number). The addresses of several commonly used items are as follows, these values ​​can be changed to 30 75:

The address of the oil lamp is DISP 0400 to 0401 of SECT 0038

The address of the spear is DISP0411 to 0412 of SECT 0038

The address of life is DISP 0427 to 0428 of SECT 0038

The address of the short gun is DISP0056 to 0057 of SECT 003A

Some tips:

(1) Some monsters are unkillable, such as the bathtub monster in BATHROOM 2, the spider in the garden, the rat in the basement, etc. So avoid getting entangled with them, just avoid them.

(2) After going to the underground world, there is a shortcut to explode the machine quickly: when in the pool, jump into the water from an exit in the middle of the pool to the stone pillar room, and then wading to the opposite side to enter the pirate room. At this time, there are no water monsters, pirates The wooden bridge in the room is gone. You can climb on the bridge platform and jump to the exit on the left. At this time, you will find all the doors are open, and you can go to the tree room to burn trees without worry. This point may be the bug of this game.

(3) If, after taking the iron hook of the tree room, you did not immediately burn the tree and opened the stone door with the iron hook, you will not be able to burn the tree no matter how you throw the oil lamp.

PS version game modification cheats

First download the latest game modifier: Click here to learn and download the latest game modifier

8003EE90 0023


301450D8 0064

Unlimited RELOAD

D003ECC0 3021

8003ECC0 270F

D003ECC2 0040

8003ECC2 2406

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