Alone in the Dark 4 The New Nightmare game cheats

Alone in the Dark 4 The New Nightmare game cheats

Alone in the Dark 4 The New Nightmare game cheats

Increase cheating options

First modify the shortcut to alone4.exe wizardmaster, enter the game again, there will be an additional cheat mode option in the item options.

Turn on trick mode

First, make a Windows shortcut of Alone4.exe (or modify the existing game shortcut), and then add the’wizardmaster’ field after ALONE4.EXE in its properties column. For example: (‘C: ALONEALONE4.EXE’ wizardmaster)

Finally save the disk and enter the game again, there will be more deception mode options in the item menu.

Unlimited storage of props:

After leaving the lobby, you will enter the plot of encountering Edenshaw. Before the plot ends, he will give you 4 storage items. As long as you save the record at this time and read it again, you will start again in the plot again, then you can start again Obtain storage items.

Unlimited save secrets

When playing Carnby, when you leave the lobby of the manor, a video animation starts and you will meet Edenshaw. After this CG animation is over, he will give you a save symbol. If you save it immediately and read the progress again, the CG video animation will play again, so you will get 4 save opportunities each time.

[hex cheats]


400 Survival MediKit:


Unlimited Revolver ammo:


Unlimited Shotgun ammo:


Unlimited Rocketlauncher ammo:


Plasma gun ammo always 100%:




PS version game cheat codes:

First download the latest game modifier: Click here to learn and download the latest game modifier

Infinite Health

801450D8 0032

Infinite Health Edward

301450D8 0064

Infinite Ammo For Most Weapons

80141570 0000

801452C8 0000

801452D0 0009

80145300 0005


301450D8 0064

Infinite Reload

D003ECC0 3021

8003ECC0 270F

D003ECC2 0040

8003ECC2 2406


801452D0 0009


801452C8 000C

Various ammunition unabated

8003EE90 0023

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