Alone in the Dark 2 game guide


Alone in the Dark 2 game guide

Alone in the Dark 2 game guide

Big house

Conby put the suitcase with explosives in front of the big iron gate, then ran away, blasted the gate, and entered the big house. Pull out the pistol (Revolver) and kill the guard lying on the ground stunned by the explosive. Take the potion (Flask), machine gun (Thompson) and sub-magazine (Loading Clip). Drinking the potion will increase your health by 10 points. Try to avoid fighting with the 4 gunmen outside the house. There was a door blocked by a Stone Anchor on the side leading to the avenue. I pushed the stone anchor aside and walked into the garden.


After entering the garden, there was a crisis, and he would shoot when he heard the voice of people. After walking shortly after killing the ambush on the left, he can find a photograph (Photograph). Turn right from the first entrance, to a corner, there is a giant diamond poker on the ground, next to a rope (Rope), after solving a bad guy, take the rope and return to the original place. Keep going, there will be a madman running out from the left at the crossroads, kill him and get a book. Then go forward, you will see 4 playing cards on the ground, don’t step on it yet. After killing the bad guy there, pick up the Hook on the ground, read and get a Torn Notebook from the bad guy. Only the cubes can be stepped on for 4 cards, and after stepping on, they fall into the underground cave.

Underground cave

After solving a little ghost who only follows and does not fight in the tunnel, you find a broken note left by Stryker, and you must find Stryker quickly. Pushing away a chest (Chest) in the tunnel, you can see an altar (Altar) rises at the end of the tunnel, and a ghost appears next to it. After destroying the ghost, pick up the Pirate Sword and the potion that can replenish physical strength. The metal card (Metallic Jack of Diamond) can be found in the place where the box was originally placed. Take this card to the altar (Use Metallic Jack of Diamond), and the hidden door at the end will open. From here, you can go back to the garden where there are diamond playing cards.


Turn right, walk forward and then turn right, use a pirate knife to hack down a Man-killing vine. After that, I encountered a one-legged monster, which was very difficult to deal with, but he ran to the end in a hurry, then immediately turned around and returned the carbine, first attacked and shot him continuously. After killing this person, you will find a Page from Newspaper and potion. There is a secret passage under the statue at the ambush of the monopod. Tie the iron hook with a rope (Use Hook), then throw the hook onto the arm of the statue, and pull the arm down (Use Rope with Hook) to open the secret door.

Underground chamber

Going down from the secret door, suddenly stomped on the air, and all the weapons fell into the pit. When Conby regained consciousness, he was already in an underground chamber. Go to the edge of the cliff and pick up the coin (Nickel), being careful not to fall into the pool. Go to the wooden bridge and pick up the crank on the bridge. After crossing the bridge, pick up the paper bag (Paper Bag) on ​​the ground. At the end, you can find the body of your friend Stryker. The pipe cleaner (Pipe Cleaner) and the other half of the notebook (Torn Notebook) can be found on the corpse. Put the other half found in the garden together, you can know the last words of your friend.

Turn to face the iron door, push the newspaper through the crack of the door, and then use the pipe cleaner to poke the key in the keyhole, and land on the newspaper that has just been jammed, pull the newspaper back, get the key, and open the door with the key .

After entering the door, there was a dozing pirate at the exit leading to the cliff on the other side. Walk carefully behind the person, blow up the paper bag and blow it up. When the guard stands up in fright, he pulls the handle to let the falling barrel push the guard off the cliff. Pick up the Riot Gun, potion, and Manuscript left by the pirates, then walk to the right of the pendulum, use the crank to start the mechanism (Use Cra nk), the barrel will move away, and a passage appears. Walk into the passage, pick up the books and bullets on the ground, load the bullets, and enter the elevator.

Haunted house basement

Take the elevator to the basement of the haunted house. As soon as he got out of the elevator, a Music Man (Music Man) rushed up to attack him with a gun in the accordion. Combi can shoot him, or he can tear the newspaper (the contract, Man’s Pact) he got from the garden, and it will kill him. Pick up the Hook it left behind. Enter the laundry room and find the laundry stick (Battledore) in the corner. Go to the firing range and kill two people who were practicing guns. The gun target is a turntable with 4 playing cards. You can slap the turntable with a washing stick or shoot it with a pistol. When all 4 turntables turn into squares, the hidden door on the side will open. The person who was killed when the door opened, walked into the dark room, picked up the potion and whiskey (Whisky) on the shelf, then put the coin into the S lot Machine on the wall, and got two coins (Tokens) .

Returning to the shooting range, you will meet a fat man in white pants, who can drink him or shoot him, and then take his Sack. There is a Santa Claus Suit (Santa Claus Suit) in the bag, put on this suit (Use Sack, take off is Use Empty Sack).

First floor of haunted house

Walking up one floor, he met a short cook who would shout for help if he was not wearing Christmas clothes. After entering the hall, watch out for the Neptune statue to attack Camby with his Trident. To avoid the trident that automatically follows people in a meeting, you can walk close to the wall, or run forward desperately, running past the short cook, letting him act as a dead ghost. When you enter the kitchen and see a fat chef, he will ask Conby to eat the Plate of Fried Egg (Plate of Fried Egg) to eat, and take away the Fatty Pan (Frying Pan). The fat guy will soon find that Conby is a fake and start to attack. You can use a pan to knock him down, pick up the poison on the ground (Poison) and the wine on the shelf (Wine), and pour the poison into the wine (Use Poison). Do not open the door to the kitchen at this time.

Go back to the hall first, and drop the poisoned wine in front of the closed door next to the kitchen door. The two ghosts in the room will come out to drink, and enter the room after poisoning them, but beware of the bad guys coming from behind. Walk to the jukebox in the room, first put in the yellow coin, a gold coin (Doubloon) appears from the ground, and then put in the brown coin to open the secret door in the room. Then pick up the gold coins on the ground. Enter the bedroom, find the Bullet-proof Vest, Thompson and Loading Clip, put on the bullet-proof vest and return to the lobby, carefully go around to the left side of the Neptune Statue and take the crown on its head (Crown).

Haunted house second floor

Go to the second floor, kill the two gunmen, enter the corridor, and find that the machine gun is no longer available. Enter the billiard room and kill the guy who threw me the pistol (Derringer) to fight me, and pick up the sword-stick that guy left behind. A book and half a piece of parchment (Parchment) can be found on the bookshelf in the room. Return to the corridor at this time, to the witch’s bedroom on the left. In the corner of the room, Swinging Arms attacked Compi and wiped them out with a sword. Here you can find the other half of the parchment, and then combine the two into one sheet to know the secret of the Queen’s portrait. Put the crown of the sea king on the head of the empress statue (the white woman on the stage) and enter the sacrificial chamber through the door on the other side of the room. Step on the square symbol on the ground and pick up the Amulet on the ground. Suddenly the whole body floated up.

Ghost roof building

After I fell from the air, the surrounding scenery was different. This is the top floor of the haunted house. Pick up the potion and Message in the corner, open the door and leave. As soon as I opened the door, I saw a ninja on the right, and a big fat man in front. I had to run to the left corner immediately, pick up the machine gun from the box to kill them, and then take the Grenade left by the ninja and the key left by the fat man. (Key), enter the sundries room opposite, put the gold coins into the Jack-in-the Box, and get a Pompon.


Enter the clown room on the right and ignore the clown. Go straight to the door leading to the garden and throw the fur ball into the garden. The clown will follow into the garden. Be careful not to get too close to the door, otherwise it will block the way of the clown. Follow the clown into the garden and you will not be attacked by snakes in the garden. After entering the garden, there is a small opening on the upper right. This is the smoke window of the house next to the haunted kitchen. There are a large number of bad guys in this house, throwing hand grenades into the smoke window, and then return to the big house from the door.

Big house

After returning to the big house, I found a billard ball on the Christmas tree. Go to the billiard room upstairs and put the pinball in the pinball machine. The mechanism will be opened and a hidden door will appear next to the bookshelf. Go to the secret door and open the door with the key left by the fat man. But when he met Jack the Cyclops, he caught Conby and put him in his cell. And Grace is also about this. Just as the Cyclops proudly narrated the ins and outs of the whole thing, Grace took the opportunity to escape, drew Jack’s attention away. When Jack walks away, he can use the musician’s hook to open the cell door and run out. But in the lobby of the big house, suddenly a witch Elizabeth came out and locked Compie and Grace again.

Parrot house

Now the player controls Grace. Remove the plank next to the door, then enter the parrot house, pick up the sandwich (Sandwich), a bag of seeds (Bag of Seeds) and pepper (Pepper Pot) on the table. Eat the sandwich and feed the seeds to the parrot. It will tell Grace to pay attention to the map on the wall where there is the location of the Dumbwaiter. It turns out that the food elevator is the transport between the big house and the pirate ship. After exiting the door, a pirate came from the right. Grace had to walk to the left immediately. After climbing the ladder, she immediately hid in the dark. When the pirate came to the end, she immediately turned back to the original path and went from the ladder to the middle cabin to the deck. .


There are pirates, musicians, and white pants walking around with big sticks on the deck. Grace wants to take advantage of the musician and the white pants man singing together, gently go from behind to pass behind the wooden box on the other side, do not disturb the pirates. The skylight behind the box leads to the captain’s room. Pick up the lighter (Tinder-box) on the other side of the ground. Follow the rope from the left opening of the box to the captain’s room.

Captain’s Room

When you get to the captain’s room, pick up the crystal bottle (Crystal Vase) on the shelf, then open the box on the ground, and pick up the small cannon (Small Cannon) in the box. Put the cannon on the ground, point to the door, and then stand behind the cannon and put in the Use Pepper Pot. Throw the crystal bottle to the wall, and a pirate will hear the sound. When his feet enter the room, he will use a lighter to light the cannon. When the pirate is turned into bones, he will pick up the Captain’s Staff and The Bell left by the pirates.


Step out of the corridor to the kitchen, pick up the Chicken’s Foot on the table, and ring the bell at the food delivery elevator. As soon as the door of the food elevator opened, he immediately climbed in and escaped back to the big house with the key. Move fast, because at this time two dwarfs have spotted and followed. Go back to the kitchen of the big house and use the key to open the kitchen cabinet and get the Ice Box and Pot of Molasses. There is a pirate outside the lobby, using ice or honey against him. Then walk up to the first floor and immediately use ice or honey to deal with the bad guys on the stairs. Go to the billiard room and get a token under the stage, then go to the captain’s room, use the stick to open the desk mechanism, you can get a book and the key to open the Kangby handcuffs (Key to Iron). Read the book and know the way to kill the witch. At this time, go to the sacrifice room of the witch’s dormitory, use the staff in the square symbol to get the Loa Staff, and Grace returns to the basement. Go to the music room, put the Teddy Bear in front of the folding bed, and go to the jukebox to sing with copper coins. Brought the bad guys in the kitchen over and was crushed to death by the folding bed. Then enter the kitchen, ring the bell next to the Dumbwaiter, and return to the galley of the pirate ship. But the dwarf chef took Grace back with a knife.

Haunted cell

Now the player controls Conby. Keep grabbing the key on the ground on the left until you get it. Unlock the handcuffs, kill the pirate, get the knife and walk out. Go out of the corridor, turn right, and kill a pirate. Take the pistol and the short fuse on the gun. Enter the foundry room, kill all the guys, pick up the pliers on the table (Pliers), the red-hot poker by the stove, and the key in the corner (Quite-useful Key). Go to the other side to kill the bad guys and get the Coat of Mail, potions and bullets. Then go to the powder magazine on the far right, open the door with the key, and kill the fencer with the knife (don’t shoot). Pick up a barrel of gunpowder (Keg of Power) and a book (Opuscule).


Go to the first room on the right side of the first floor, kill the pirate, cut the chain with pliers, and push the cannon toward the door. Enter the opposite room and place the gunpowder keg where the cannon can fire. Carefully return to the cannon and use the fire stick to light it (Use Poker). After killing the bad guys, enter the opposite room, pick up the Pouch of Gold Coins and potions on the ground, go back to the corridor, and then to the door of the second kitchen on the right, put down the gold coins, the door can be opened, go in and kill two A dwarf, kill the chef again, get the Metallic Jack of Diamond card, and go back to the corridor.

Use the metal diamond card as the key to open the door of the captain’s room opposite the kitchen. After entering, it was lifted into the air by Elizabeth, and when Grace came in, Conby lost consciousness.

Witch’s Chamber

At this time the player controls Grace. Grace put the witch staff on the statue of (Use Staff) Nicholas and entered the witch’s secret room. Put the chicken feet in front of the witch to kill Elizabeth.

At this point the witch is dead, and the player controls Conby again. After the spell cast by the witch disappeared, Conby fell to the ground, immediately left here and ran to the deck. Kill the musician and get the hook. Go to the cabin, climb the mast to kill the warrior with the dance stick, go to the ladder, and slide the rope to the mast with the iron hook to kill the ninja, and then go to the deck and pick up Captain Nichols’ long sword (Nichols’ Sword).

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