Aliens Vs Predator 2 :Primal Hunt official game cheats

In the game, first press the Enter key, and then type “x”, where x refers to the code below
Mpcanthurtme invincible mode
Mpschuckit increase weapon ammunition
Mpsmithy full armor
Mpkohler full of ammunition
Mpstockpile full of ammunition
Mpbeamme sent to the opening of the level
Mpsixthsense through the wall mode
Mpicu third-person vision
Mptachometer Display speed information
Mpsizeme Display volume information
Mpgrs display rotation information
Mpgps display location information
Mpfov adjust field of view information
Mpvertextint adjust text color
Mplightadd adjust light information
Mplightscale adjust light information
Mpbreach adjust weapon information
Mpwmpos adjust weapon information
Mpwpos adjust weapon information
Mpdoctordoctor (unknown)
Mpbunker (unknown)
Mpreloadbutes (unknown)
Mpmorph (unknown)
Mptriggers (unknown)
Mpmph (unknown)
Mpmillertime (unknown)
Mpxfiles (unknown)
Mpconfig (unknown)
Mpdeathtoall (unknown)

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