Alien Shooter game cheats

Alien Shooter game cheats

The plot of “Alien Shooter 1” is a bit old-fashioned, a very common story of destroying aliens and saving the earth, but its screen settings and battle scenes are done very well, regardless of the darkness and depression after aliens invaded the earth. It’s still the hot battle effect like a Hollywood blockbuster, or all kinds of disgusting strange alien monsters. It can be said that “Alien Shooter” is very successful in creating a bloody and dark effect.

Alien Shooter Cheats:
Cheate =jump off
Cheath + 1000 HP
Cheatw all weapons
Cheata + 1000 ammunition
Cheatm + 50000 money (only valid on the shop screen)

Note: The above cheats can be directly input in English directly in the game, no need to press other extra buttons.

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