Alien Shooter 2 game cheats

Alien Shooter 2 game cheats

Alien Shooter 2 cheats:

You are a vampire for your specialty. The more you go, the better
The secret is typed directly through the keyboard, no special input window is set
Cheats: speed +50
Cheath: life +1000
Cheatm / stmon: money +10000
cheatexp / stexp: experience +1000
Stgod: All skills +100 gold +50,000
(Maximum skill is 200, if repeated input, money will increase, skill value will be converted between 100 and 200)
Stammo: + the base of all types of ammunition (including Ammo_pistol/Ammo_shotgun/Ammo_minigun/Ammo_granate/Ammo_rocket/Ammo_ballon/Ammo_energy)
Stshop: Open the shop
Stkillall: Kill all aliens
Stwin/stwnn: Clearance
Remgamma: + brightness
Stat: Some statistics display (ex. task amount, number of aliens, game time, money, etc.)
All the above cheats can be used normally after my test!
cheatw or cheata: + weapon?
Cheata: + armor?
GodDebugToggle()-Enable/disable invincible mode
Note: The square brackets are part of the password, don’t miss it! Invincible

Invincible Mode:
Press [“] in the game, wait for the “Omen” prompt to appear, and then enter:
Every once in a while, players must re-enter the password: press [“] to open the console, and then the arrow keys “up” (to repeat the previous instructions). Because when the “map block” is changed (the hard disk is difficult to read, and the game The speed slows down intermittently, or the player’s HP keeps dropping.), the game will not save the previous mode.

Jump off cheat code Press “” or “`” key and enter the password, press Enter to activate, press ESC twice to exit.
MdkNewGame(1,12)-jump to level 1
MdkNewGame(2,12)-jump to level 2
MdkNewGame(3,12)-jump to level 3
MdkNewGame(4,12)-skip to level 4
MdkNewGame(5,11)-jump to level 5
MdkNewGame(6,8)-skip to level 6
MdkNewGame(7,11)-skip to level 7
MdkNewGame(8,8)-skip to level 8
MdkNewGame(9,13)-skip to level 9
MdkNewGame(10,7)-jump to level 10 (final)
MdkNewGame(11,1)-hidden level 10 #1
MdkNewGame(12,1)-hidden level 10 #2
Edit the file named Max2.ini, and make the following changes to enter all relevant settings.
Last_campaign_played=49 In the game, you can enter the following characters to turn on the corresponding function:
[Maxspy] show all enemies
[Maxstorage] More resources
[Maxsurvey] shows the location of all mineral deposits
[Maxsuper] Strengthen the selected unit
Press the ‘”’ button in the game and enter:
MdkGobSetDamageFilter(mdkGetPlayerGob(),0) Kurt without clothes:
Input “KurtGetNaked()” and “mdkNewGame(1,12)” in the console order, then Kurt will
will play the first level of the game naked. This password is only used in the level of the game with Kurt, only
Type “KurtGetNaked()” and start the game at that level.

“Slow-Mo” mode:
When you use Max (one of the characters), hold down the “fire” button and press the “equip up” button four times at the same time. If you succeed, you will hear a “Slo-mo!” To turn off this mode, just repeat the above steps.

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