Albion game cheats

Albion game cheats

Albion game cheats

Turn on cheats mode

Enter the -> options interface in the game, enter schnosm to turn on the cheats mode, if the input is correct, there will be a prompt on the screen.

at this time:

1. Can penetrate the wall

2. Experience can still be obtained after the battle


Use the following key combinations in the game to get the corresponding effect

[Alt] + [F4]⇒?
[Alt] + [F8]⇒Special battle
[Alt] + [F3]⇒Exit the game
[Alt] + [F11]⇒?
[Alt] + [F10]⇒Display map ID and coordinates ([Alt] + [F2] map iD required)
[Alt] + [F1]⇒?
[Alt] + [F5]⇒?
[Alt] + [F6]⇒?
[Alt] + [F9] ⇒ Speed up the game clock
[Alt] + [F2]⇒Send (use with caution)
[Alt] + [F7]⇒Send
[Alt] + [F12]⇒Exit cheats mode

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