Airline Tycoon game cheats

Airline Tycoon game cheats

Airline Tycoon game cheats

Enter the following cheats directly in the game to get the corresponding effect:

Cheats effect
donaldtrump + $10 000 000
megarichman 1,000,000,000
famous Improve company reputation
richenemy Opponent gets 1,000,000,000
expander Expand the airport
evolutioncomplete Complete all relevant cards in the current scene
atmissall Selection mode
crowd More customers
moreglue Get glue
thinkpad Get a laptop
morestench Get stink bomb
bubblegum Can see the thoughts of passengers
nodebts Settle all debts
attestxx Time flies very fast
showall View all flight schedules
winning Win the current level
attestit The character can move arbitrarily

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