Age of Empires The Rise of Rome game cheats

Age of Empires The Rise of Rome game cheats

Age of Empires The Rise of Rome game cheats

Press enter to enter the following cheats
REVEAL MAP⇒Show all maps
HOME RUN⇒Win immediately
NO FOG⇒Remove the fog of war
QUARRY⇒1000 stone
COINAGE⇒1000 gold
WOODSTOCK⇒1000 wood
grantlinkspence⇒animal becomes very strong
stormbilly⇒Get a high-tech robot
e=mc2 trooper⇒Get a future soldier
black rider⇒The knight becomes the black rider
convert this! ⇒The monk who will drop the heavens
dark rain⇒The archer becomes a tree when it is stationary (invisible)
upsidflintmobile⇒The speed of the carriage archer increased
jack be nimble⇒The catapult will launch workers and cows
hoyohoyo⇒Super strong priest
icbm⇒The range of the ballista reaches 100
big bertha⇒The gun has 16 attack range and 10 detection
big momma⇒ Build a white armed sports car next to your base
KILL(Player #)⇒Kill a player, # represents the starting position of the player (1-8)
bigdaddy⇒A black sports car with a rocket launcher
home run⇒Win immediately
steroids⇒Quick construction
flying dutchman ⇒ makes the sling amphibious
gaia⇒The magician’s attack power is strengthened, the attack range is expanded, and the animals on the map can be controlled
(However, human members will lose control and cannot control flying, such as eagles, birds, etc.);
photon man⇒Get “Nuclear Cavalry”, the weapon is a laser gun
hari kari⇒Failed
medusa⇒The villager becomes the nemesis, and when he is killed he becomes a dark knight
If killed again, it becomes a heavy catapult;
diediedie⇒All died (including yourself);
pow⇒Make baby soldiers
king arthur⇒The flying bird in the scene becomes a flying dragon with a vitality of 999;
power overwhelming⇒Invincible (still afraid of nuclear bombs)
Millennium Field Method

Press and hold the Ctrl key, place the farmland one by one, click the granary or the collector, and group them into a team. If they are grouped as the 6th team, you can press 6 and the screen will appear in the lower left corner. The granary or the collector, upgrade any of the technologies on the surface, and then cancel it immediately, (press that hand) all the farmland can be restored to the original full state.

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