Age of Empires 4 game cheats


Age of Empires IV game cheats

Age of Empires IV game cheats:
Press Enter in the game and type:
Cheat safe=A machine gun will appear near the player’s capital
Cheat add- fight the troops or buildings you want
Cheat add musketeer-get a spearman
Cheat add 5 musketeer-get 5 musketeer
Cheat add 5 musketeer blue-blue gets five pikemen cheat add lightcavalry-(PS you want the unit without spaces)
Cheat add 5 heavyarcher Brian- Brian gets five archers (PS BRIAN is the name of the player, hit your own or other names)
Adds a complete Fort.-Get a complete Fort
Cheat add new fort-get an unfinished fortress
Cheat add new city green-Green gets a new city
string 4
Cheat die explode the selected unit or building
Cheat reveal on map open
Cheat reveal off the map returns to black
Cheat be-choose your own player
Cheat be blue-become control blue
Cheat be Brian-Become a control Brian (PS BRIAN is the name of the player, put down your own or other players’ names)
Cheat ally blue- ally with blue
Cheat peace Brian- Brian ceasefire
cheat war green and green
Cheat human or computer- control
Cheat human blue-the player becomes the control blue
Cheat computer green-the computer becomes control green
Cheat human all-the player becomes control of all countries
Cheat computer all-the computer becomes control all countries
cheat victory player victory
cheat victory yellow yellow player victory
Cheat defeat player defeated
Cheat defeat white white player defeated
Cheat resource
Cheat resource food +500-The player gets 500 food
Cheat resource timber -200-The player does not have 200 timber
Cheat resource all+1000 (no spaces allowed)-all resources +1000
Cheat red resource timber +100-Red players get 100 timber
CHEAT ADD 1 CITY=Add a farmer
CHEAT ADD 1 LIBRARY=Add a library string 4
CHEAT ADD 1 MARKET=Add a market
CHEAT ADD 1 TEMPLE=Add a temple
CHEAT ADD 1 FARM-Add a farm
CHEAT ADD 1 WOODCUTTER=Add a logging yard
CHEAT ADD 1 MINE=Add a mining farm
CHEAT ADD 1 OIL=Add an oil well (placed on the oil mine) String 4
CHEAT ADD 1 GRANARY=Add a granary string 4
CHEAT ADD 1 UNIVERSITY=Add a university
CHEAT ADD 1 LUMBER=Add a timber mill
CHEAT ADD 1 SMELTER=Add a smelter
CHEAT ADD 1 REFINERY=Add an oil refinery string 4
CHEAT ADD 1 BARRACK=Add a barracks
CHEAT ADD 1 AUTO=Add a vehicle manufacturing plant
CHEAT ADD 1 FACTORY=Add an artillery factory
CHEAT ADD 1 AIRBASE=Add an airport
string 4
CHEAT ADD 1 SHIPYARD=Add a shipyard
CHEAT ADD 1 STOCKADE=Add one to make a defensive tower
The following is a miracle (you can add more than one)
CHEAT ADD 1 PORCELAIN=Glass Tower of Baoen Temple
string 4
CHEAT ADD 1 SUPER = Super Time Collider
CHEAT ADD 1 SPACE = Space Program
CHEAT ADD 1 TERRA= Soldiers and Horsemen
string 4
CHEAT ADD 1 VERSAILLES=The Palace of Versailles
string 4
CHEAT ADD 1 STATUE=Statue of Liberty
Here are some secrets of the arms of aircraft and warships (after the aircraft appears, an airport must be built before the aircraft can move)
CHEAT ADD 10 ATTACK=Add 10 attack helicopters
CHEAT ADD 10 BOMBER=Add 10 bombers
string 4
CHEAT ADD 10 BIPLANE=Add 10 biplane fighters String 4
CHEAT ADD 10 JET=Add 10 jet fighters
CHEAT ADD 10 STRATEGIC=Add 10 strategic bombers
CHEAT ADD 10 STEALTH=Add 10 B2 bombers, the invisible one
string 4
CHEAT ADD 10 BATTLESHIP=Add 10 battleships (the location of the ship must be on the sea, and then enter the cheats)
CHEAT ADD 10 AIRCRAFT=add 10 aircraft carriers
CHEAT ADD 10 DREAD=Add 10 dreadnought ships
CHEAT ADD 10 MISSILE=Add 10 guided missile cruisers
CHEAT ADD 10 DESTROYER=Add 10 destroyers
CHEAT ADD 10 SUBMARINE=Add 10 submarines
CHEAT ADD 10 CRUISER=Add 10 cruisers
CHEAT ADD 10 FISHERMEN=Add 10 fishing boats
CHEAT ADD 10 MAIN=Add 10 main battle tanks
CHEAT ADD 10 BAZOOKA=Add 10 bazookas
Cheat add musketeer-get a spearman
string 4
Cheat add 5 musketeer-get 5 musketeer
string 4
Cheat add 5 musketeer blue-Blue gets 5 musketeer blue
Adds a complete Fort.-Get a complete Fort
string 4
Cheat add new fort-get an unfinished fortress
Cheat reveal on map open
Cheat resource all+1000 (no spaces allowed)-increase resources above 1000
Cheats for the Rise of the Country-Extended Cheats
Each country has its own unique units (UNIQUE UNITS), so this time I will give you the cheats of the special units of each country.
Cheats are still in the usual form: as long as it is CHEAT +ADD+ an arbitrary number + the name of the unit (English)
can own the unit. (Not case sensitive)
Before referring to the cheats, a few points are particularly important
First, these cheats are published after I personally researched them and tried them. I will provide them for reference and correction.
now invalid may be related to the input method;
Second, if you choose a country during the game, you can have special arms of all countries through cheats, and there is no population restriction;
Third, in some countries, such as the United Kingdom (BRITISH), Bantu (BANTU) and other countries, one of the special arms is the aircraft type, which requires sufficient
’S airport, otherwise, even if you own the aircraft through the cheats, you cannot make it attack or move;
Fourth, in the game, the barracks can create a unit A, the player has A through cheats, after the unit A is upgraded to B in the barracks
A who passed the cheat will automatically become B, and the A obtained through the cheat after upgrading A will not be upgraded;
string 4
Fifth, I only found most of them, not all of them. Welcome friends who are interested to correct and add;
Sixth, when using cheats, you can enclose the intensive typing for the first time, then type CTRL+C (copy), and then next time
When you need to input intensively, press CTRL+V (paste) directly after pressing Enter, and then only change the number or the type of unit.
There is no need to input CHEAT ADD every time. . Up
Seventh, if the unit name in the dense form is too long, you can try to enter only half of the unit name. I provided the name
I will introduce each country one by one below: (taking 50 units as an example)
Aztec (AZTECS): cheat add 50 atl = add 50 shooters String 4
CHEAT ADD 50 XOPILLI=Add 50 elite shooters
CHEAT ADD 50 ROYAL=Add 50 royal pitchers
CHEAT ADD 50 JAGUAR=Add 50 Jaguar Warriors
CHEAT ADD 50 ASSAULT=Add 50 assault infantry
BANTU: CHEAT ADD 50 UMPAKATI=Add 50 tribal hunters
CHEAT ADD 50 YANGOMBI=Add 50 tribal warriors
CHEAT ADD 50 IMPI=Add 50 Bantu Warriors
CHEAT ADD 50 HAWK=Add 50 Juh fighters
CHEAT ADD 50 KING=Add 50 Royal Longbowmen
CHEAT ADD 50 HIGHLANDER=Add 50 English Highlanders
CHEAT ADD 50 BLACK=Add 50 Scottish Highland Guards
CHEAT ADD 50 LANCASTER=Add 50 Lancaster bombers
China (CHINESE): CHEAT ADD 50 FIRE=Add 50 fire dragon archers
CHEAT ADD 50 HEAVY=Add 50 heavy fire dragon archers
CHEAT ADD 50 MANCHU=Add 50 Eight Flags Fire Commander String 4
CHEAT ADD 50 RIFLEMEN=Add 50 Eight Banners Riflemen
CHEAT ADD 50 INFANTRY=Add 50 Chinese infantry
Egypt (EGYPTIANS): CHEAT ADD 50 CHARIOT=Add 50 infantry fighting vehicles
CHEAT ADD 50 CAMEL=Add 50 camel shooters
France (FRENCH): CHEAT ADD 50 CHEVALIER= add 50 Frankish fighters
Germany (GERMANS): CHEAT ADD 50 SOLDARI= add 50 Germanic warriors
CHEAT ADD 50 BARBARIANS = add 50 Barbarians
CHEAT ADD 50 VANDALS = add 50 Vandals
CHEAT ADD 50 LANDSKNECHTS=Add 50 mercenary infantry
CHEAT ADD 50 VOLKSGRENADIERS=Add 50 National Grenadiers
string 4
CHEAT ADD 50 MG42=Add 50 MG42 machine guns
CHEAT ADD 50 TIGER = add 50 tiger tanks
CHEAT ADD 50 LEOPARD=Add 50 Leopard tanks
Greece (GREEKS): CHEAT ADD 50 COMPANION = add 50 companion cavalry
CHEAT ADD 50 STRATIOTAI=Add 50 Greek heavy cavalry
Inca (INCA): CHEAT ADD 50 INTI = add 50 sun god warriors
CHEAT ADD 50 MORTAR=Add 50 white guns
CHEAT ADD 50 SIEGE=Add 50 white siege guns
Japan (JAPANESE): CHEAT ADD 50 ASHIGARA=Add 50 Ashikaga Spearmen


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