Age of Empires 2 Gold Edition game cheats

Age of Empires 2 Gold Edition game cheats

Age of Empires 2 Gold Edition game cheats

Press [Enter] in the game to input the following cheats, and then press [Enter] to confirm:
marco⇒Show all maps
polo⇒Remove the shadow part of the map (the map becomes brighter)
rock on⇒1000 stones
lumberjack⇒+1000 wood
robin hood⇒+1000 gold
cheese steak jimmy’s⇒+1000 food
i love the monkey head⇒Get vdml [Note]
how do you turn this on⇒Get a Cobra car
to smithereens⇒get a spoiler
furious the monkey boy⇒ can make a monkey
aegis⇒ speed up construction
wimpywimpywimpy⇒Destroy own buildings
torpedo#⇒Kill the opponent (# 1-8)
black death⇒Destroy all enemies
i r winner⇒Victory
natural wonders⇒Control natural creatures
woof woof ⇒ flying dog
Note: The role of vdml is to preempt the building and prevent the opponent from snatching the mining area.
Other cheats
Use the following command line to start the game>
autompsave⇒Automatically save every 5 minutes in the game
noterrainsound⇒Turn off all sound effects related to terrain
normalmouse⇒Replace the custom mouse with a standard mouse pointer
nosounds⇒Turn off the sound
nomusic⇒Turn off music
800⇒resolution 800×600
1024⇒Resolution 1024×768
1280⇒Resolution 1280×1024
mfill⇒Eliminate the black screen phenomenon on some graphics cards
nostartup⇒Ignore all animations before the game starts
msync⇒Eliminate some sound cards causing the calculator to stop responding

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