Age of Empires 1 game cheats

Age of Empires 1 game cheats

Age of Empires 1 game cheats

Press Enter to enter the following cheats in the game
BIG BERTHA⇒Double the attack range and attack power of the catapult
BIGDADDY⇒Rocket launch vehicle
BLACK RIDER⇒Turns cavalry shooter into black knight
COINAGE⇒Gold increases by 1000 points
DARK RAIN⇒Transform a walking archer into an invisible archer
DIEDIEDIE⇒Destroy all enemies
E=MC2 TROOPER⇒Atomic bomber
HOME RUN⇒Victory
HOYOHOYO ⇒ priest increases speed
ICBM⇒The range of the ballista reaches 100
JACK BE NIMBLE⇒The catapult sends out cows and workers
KILL#⇒Kill the computer #(1-8)
NO FOG⇒Remove the fog of war
PHOTON MAN⇒A pair of laser weapon fighters
QUARRY⇒Get 1000 stones
RESIGN⇒Withdraw from the battle (resign lose)
REVEAL MAP⇒Display the entire map
STEROIDS⇒Fast construction
WOODSTOCK⇒Get 1000 units of wood
FLYING DUTCHMAN⇒Make the catapult amphibious
GAIA⇒Control all animals (you cannot control your own civilization at this time)
MEDUSA⇒The walking speed and shooting speed of the tank shooter increased
UPSIDFLINTMOBILE⇒Increased speed of carriage archer
Pow⇒Holy Infant (500 HP, 50 str, 10 arm, 15 rng)
big momma⇒Get a new car

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