Act of War High Treason game cheats

Act of War High Treason game cheats

Act of War High Treason game cheats:

Press [Enter] in the game to enter the following cheats

Cheats Effect
fortknox Add money $1,000
keyholemaster Show all maps
yeepeekaye Launch a nuclear bomb
ineedalltechnos Remove restrictions on technology, money, etc.
motherrussia Get the M80 battle tank
coolihaveanewcar Get the CIA armored vehicle
swatatyourorders Summon S.W.A.T. members
greenjelly (USA, Los Angeles Police Special Operations Team)
blackhawkdown Summon British police officers
duckhunt Get sa12 air defense missile
ymca Summon Flying Duck
coolimthepresident Summon American police officers
bringoutthedead Summon the president
bigbrother Get a British ambulance

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