Act of War game cheats

fortknox- add 1,000
Keyholemaster- open the fog of war
Bigbrother- turn on the camera mode (enter the all-round view)
[Note: After entering this mode, press these three keys at the same time to completely free the angle of view▆◣Press these three keys again to fix the angle of view▆◣Press these three keys again or the ‘key or END key to restore the angle of view. Note that the functions of the up, down, left, and right keys are different when you press the three keys for the first time and the second time.]
Yeepeekaye- launch a super weapon at a designated location
Ineedalltechnos- Unlimited money and the entire technology tree open and open the camera mode (into the full range of perspective)
Motherrussia- production of T-80 MBT (Russian military tank)
Coolihaveanewcar- production of CIA official cars
Coolimthepresident- production of the president of the United States
swatatyourorders- produce a SWAT team member
Ymca- produce an American police officer
Greenjelly- Produce a British police officer
bringoutthedead- produce an ambulance
Duckhunt- produce a flying duck
Blackhawkdown-production of SA12 air defense missile

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