7 Days to Die game guide

7 Days to Die game guide

7 Days to Die unlimited skill point code:
Change file

Open the data folder for the local file, then open the config folder, find the progression file and edit it with Notepad.

clothing, scavenging, health, crafting !->



skill_points _per_level=”1″>

Look at the first three lines, don’t move the others.

The third line is the point,

max leve=”300 Don’t move this!

In exp_to_level=”9545″, 9545 is the experience value required to upgrade without level. It will increase with each level in the future. The lower the change, the faster the upgrade. There is a zombie level of about 500, and the level of 90 is more than 1,200 experience. One level.
Cheatengine modifier
Download the latest version of Cheatengine
Start Cheat Engine and click on the icon of [a magnifying glass, one computer] in the upper left corner to read and find the current process.

Then find the process of the game you want to cheat, double-click or click open to read it successfully.

Then click the second icon, enter the location where you downloaded the CT file, and open the CT file.

Then the content of the CT file will appear in the status bar below, which is the function of the modifier.

Click the check box in front of the function to activate the cheat item, and some CT scripts can also set hot keys.

7 Days to Die infinite bullet bug:
In the game, if you want to load the bullet into the gun, you can load the bullet by putting the bullet clip on the shortcut key, and then pressing the R key, but this method has a very downside is that its loading speed is very slow. It takes several seconds to install successfully, and what we have to take advantage of is the time difference. After pressing the R button, press the I button to switch to the equipment interface, and then take out the bullet clip that is being loaded and put it in the backpack, and then take it out again. Later, when we look at the guns, we will find that the guns have been loaded with ammunition, and there is no shortage of ammunition at all.

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