0.A.D game cheats

0.A.D game cheats

0.A.D game cheats

Press [Enter]:
i want pizza #⇒Get food (# is a number, the default is 1000)
bring me my axe #⇒Get wood
your money or your life #⇒Get steel
i see a mountain here #⇒Get stone
jame jam⇒Show full image
the hive master⇒Maximum population limit (default 300)
TARDIS ⇒ 500 population
iwanttopwnthem⇒Get random heroes (need to select a building)
If it is an enemy building, the hero belongs to the enemy
wololo⇒Set the target building as existing
black death⇒kill the target building
i am too busy⇒Quick collection, construction, battle, etc.
how do you turn this on?⇒
Obtain a fighter jet during World War II (building needs to be selected)
If it is an enemy building, the fighter will be owned by the enemy
exodia⇒ defeat 1 player (default is player 2)
salad bowl⇒Get a random soldier (need to select a building)
If the selected is an enemy building, the soldier belongs to the enemy
back to the future⇒ advance to the next stage
Note: You can also add numbers after some cheats, such as salad bowl 5 to get 5 soldiers.

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